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    Ugly Italian guy

    It might be “ugly” but you can’t help but fall in love with it once you shoot it.

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    By @jessejamesfirearms “Beautiful set of sequence numbers Stainless Steel Cisco 1911’s for my good friend Jimmie Vaughan. With a custom handmade white oak Double box by master Austin Texas Woodworker Jason Bedre. Now they are off for a little bit of engraving…. Did you order yours yet?? www.JJFU.com" via @PhotoRepost_app

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    Anyone know the purpose of the rear grip? I am stumped.

    For when you’re proned out with a biopd and you want to stabilize it with your support hand?

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    I had a great day at the new gun store that is very conveniently 5 minutes from me! I made out with two new Glocks! The classic Glock19 and the newly released Glock42! I’m one very happy well armed woman!!!

    Congrats on your new purchases! 

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    Waco siege

    FBI standing over the charred corpses of 76 men, women and children that they killed.

    Still find it hard to believe that some think they killed themselves. The evidence is pretty clear.