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  • poorrichardsnews:


    An armed doctor was able to stop a psychiatric patient turned gunman at a Pennsylvania hospital today. Unfortunately, he may lose his job because of it.

    From My Fox Philly:

    A female case worker was killed and two were wounded in a shooting at the Wellness Center…

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  • 4gifs:

    1 wow please

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  • cerebralzero:


    The morning of 19-JUL-2014 between 0450 and 0500, while transporting a Lyft passenger I was passed by a speeding black SUV heading north on Lincoln Street just north of Speer Boulevard in Denver, Colorado. Shortly after the SUV passed I heard 3 gunshots, which I thought were coming from around the corner to the left of the intersection I was approaching, so I stopped, checked that nobody was behind me, and got the hell out of there. After we were away from the area the passenger informed me that the shots came from the SUV, which you can see in the video if you pay attention to the top of the SUV as it goes through the red light, but I didn’t see it as I was paying attention to the intersection I was approaching.

    I can’t figure out from the video if the shooter was shooting at anyone/anything or just in the air.

    Welcome to Denver, After Dark.

    "sorry bud, i’m not about to get shot tonight"

    never heard more real shit than that.

    Glad you are ok man.


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  • victran:



    Every so often it just hits me how stupid the 2nd amendment is

    Of course you hate the second amendment…. It’s American gun owner’s fault we killed so many of your countrymen and drove you out of our country during the revolutionary war. No one cares about your opinion of American gun laws. Enjoy your police state you limey fuck.

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  • dethchilada:

    Just picked this up on trade for my 22/45. A smith & Wesson model 19 combat .357. Barely used with lots of blue left & locks up like a vault. She’s pretty but she’s no safe queen!


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  • tacticalzergface:


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